March 1st RRMS @ LMS 3:00/5:00 PM

March 8th LMS @ LOS LUNAS 3:00/5:00 PM

March 10th ERMS @ LMS 10:00 AM/ 12:00 PM

March 13th LMS @ MVMS 3:00/5:00 PM

March 15th LMS @ SFIS 4:00/6:00 PM

March 20th LMS @ Bernalillo 4:00 PM One Game

March 21st LMS @ St. Mikes 3:00 PM/5:00 PM

March 24th Belen @ LMS 10:00 AM/ 12:00 PM

April 3rd LMS @ Pojoaque 4:00 PM/6:00 PM

April 5th LMS @ ERMS 4:00/6:00 PM

April 7th LMS@ RRMS 10:00 AM/ 12:00 PM

April 11th LMS @ ERMS 4:00 /6:00 PM

April 12th Pojoaque @ LMS 4:00 /6:00 PM

April 18th Academy@ LMS 4:00 PM One Game

April 19th MVMS @LMS 4:00 PM/6:00 PM

April 24th LMS@ ERMS 4:00/6:00 PM

May 3rd ,4th ,5th  RRHS TOURNEY TBA. I team

We are working to get another Tourney so both teams can play in a Tournament


LMS Baseball tryouts will be February 5,6, and 7th starting at 3:30 pm till 5:15 pm.

There will only be one team this year.  Students wishing to try out MUST have a current COMPLETED PHYSICAL turned in to Mr. Cunningham by January 31th.  Late physicals will not be accepted.
Missed assignments

If a student is on a team it is their responsibility to get missed classwork from their teachers. If the athlete will miss practice or a game, it is the parents' responsibility to contact the coach in advance to let them know they will not be attending.


Student Athletes and Social Media
Great article and video for student athletes looking to attend college!
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