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6th Grade Math

Classroom: Room 110
Phone: 892-1100 x110

22 July 2017: Welcome to the 2017 - 18 School year.  Things to work on for the Beginning of Class.  Work on your times tables.  Be able from memory to do 1 - 12.  1-15 would be even better. Create a Matrix and plug in the answers. Put 1-15 along the top and 1-15 along the bottom.  What is 1x1= 1.  12x 12 is 144.  15 x 15 is 225.  Our focus will be working with Rational numbers.  We will start by working with fractions. I look forward to seeing you in August! 

Students will need the following supplies: 

  • #2 Pencils or Mechanical with extra lead

  • Pens-red, blue, green and black

  • Composition book (Walmart sells these for .50 Cents)

  • Highlighters

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Basic Electronic Calculator (with +/- and key).

  • Graph Paper (keep in locker until needed)

  • Protractor with a ruler edge


The distribution for grades in classes will be:

  • 35% Homework and classwork

  • 65% Tests and Quizzes

All grades are based on points. Students final grade will be based on the percent of total points earned.


100%-90% A

89%-80% B

79%-70% C

69%-60% D

59%-Below F

If your child is failing your child will know.  You will also have access to your students records so you will be able to see all homework turned in that I've had a chance to inter them into the grade book online.   Graded homework, quizzes and test scores will also be posted when final.  Any test a student takes can be retaken to raise a student grade.  


The District students will be using the Eureka Curriculum to learn the Common Core State Standards. Eureka is the best rated of the Common Core Curriculum by far. In an effort to save paper a curriculum map is available online or a hard copy can be requested. Eureka is different in some aspects to the way we learned math. I went to Grade, Middle and High School from 1967 - 1981. Eureka math is not bad it's just different. I will teach multiple ways of understanding. Students will learn from each other and from me. The important part of learning is the application of Critical thinking. Critical thinking involves taking a new problem and applying the math concepts we learn today to an entirely new problem. Your student should be able to apply what they know do different real world problems. This is turn prepares them for 7th grade math and math challenges they will encounter in the world.


Math homework is assigned daily and is usually due the next day. Show your work as you solve the problems!  All homework is to be done in pencil. Any homework turned in after the original due date will be accepted with a 10% deduction. Any assignments turned in more than 10 days late will not be accepted. Don't spend more than 30 minutes each night on homework. Give it your best effort and we will explore difficult problems tomorrow.


When a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to collect all missed work.  This includes Bell Ringers, class notes as well as written assignments.  A student may have two days for each day absent to turn in the missed work.  Lesson plans, homework and test practices will be posted online. 90% of students who do not do homework fail. Homework is practice so if you fail to practice you practice to fail.


  • Students should quietly enter the classroom, be seated, copy down their essential questions for the day and begin doing bell work before class begins.

  • Students are expected to have all supplies ready for class.

  • Students are expected to show all work!  Put your thoughts down on paper.  We can figure out the thought process only if we can see it in words and symbols. No credit will be given if only answers are given.


1st Incident: Refocus / Warning 2nd Incident: Refocus/Lunch Detention/ Parent contact 3rd Incident: Referral to Administration

I have found the Online syllabus and read and understood the guidelines laid out in the Math syllabus.  

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Student Name (printed) Parent Name (printed)               

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Student Signature Parent Signature

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Class period Parent email (print clearly please)


Please return this section to Mr. Ganger.  You should put the syllabus in the Math section of your binder.

I have found the Online syllabus and read and understood the guidelines laid out in the Math syllabus.

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Hightlights from last year.  

5 May 2017:  It's been an exciting year.  We are coming down the home streach.  Advanced Math is working their final lessons in Module 2 of 7th Grade math.  General 6th Grade Math is finishing up Module 6 of the 6th Grade curriculum.  We will be finishing each and then working on End of Module reviews.  Make sure your student spends 10 - 15 min a night reviewing the problems in the EOC review packet.  Mr. Ganger

2 Jan 2017 
Welcome to the 2nd Half of the School Year.
General Math will be looking at Module 4 Lesson 7-10 this week. 
Advanced Math will start up working on Module 4 Lessons 16 and 17.  Module 4 is posted on page 2 of the "Useful links" page for those of you who forget to take your workbook home with you. 

16 Nov: 

Just posted Module 3 to the 6th Grade Math link below. I post parent help for his module once I find it. 

Parents: There is parent help for both classes under Homework helpers under the 6th Grade Math link just below. If there is something specific for just Advanced Math I'll post it under the Advanced link. 

Click here to explore class documents:  6th Grade Math 
6th Grade Advanced Math

31 Oct - 4 Nov: We will be finishing Module 1 and Taking the Module Assessment on Thursday. 
Adv Math will be moving into Module 3 first.

Review: study the Mid-Module assessment plus the homework from the lessons we've done the last two weeks. Reviewing Bell work will also be helpful. 

24-28 Oct:  No quiz this week as we are finishing up the module next week.
Math Lessons: 21-26
Adv Math Lessons: 23-28

17- 21 Oct:
Math Lessons: 17 - 20
Adv Math Lessons: 18 - 22

10 - 14 Oct: Module 1: Ratios Mid Module Assessment covers Lessons 1 - 15. 

Math Lessons: Lessons 13 - 16.
Adv Math: Lessons 14 - 17. 
I'll see if I can post the review by Tuesday night. 
We will have the Mid-Module Assessment on Friday.

5-7 Oct: Module 1: Ratios
Math: We will cover Lessons 10 - 12. 
Adv Math:  We will cover Lessons 11 - 13.
No quiz this week.  Enjoy Fall Break. 

28 Sep 6:45 Practice for Fridays quiz is posted under Useful links.

26- 30 Sep: Module 1
Math:  We will cover Lessons 5-9 
Adv:Math Will look at Lessons 6 - 10

Quizzes on Friday. Practice posted on Useful links.

19-23 Sep: We will begin Module 1:  Ratios on Monday.  Quiz Corrections on Tuesday with Lesson 2, 3 and 4 on Tue, Wed and Thurs.  Quiz Friday.  19 Sep: We began Module 1.  Most students finished the HW S4 1-3 in class but for those parents wanting to help look in the 6th grade Math folder link just above.  I have homework helpers posted for Module 1 lessons 1-29. The document is in the 6th grade Math Shared folder but not visible? So I've linked to it in the links section.  Look under useful links Module 1 Parent helps.
12-16 Sep: We will be covering Module 2 Lessons 15, 16, 17, 18, End of Mod Assessment

6-9 Sep: We will be covering Module 2 Lessons 12, 13, 14, Quiz
The quiz this week is 7 questions from Quiz 1 and 2 plus one question from each lesson this week. 
2 Sep 16: Mid Module Test. 
10 Questions. Practice is on useful links. 

1 Sep 16: Review.  See useful links for review

31 Aug 16: Lesson 11:   Problem set Page S54. 

30 Aug 16: Lesson 10 and the corresponding  Homework on S49 or S45 Problem set: 1-5 on the Fall 15 edition.  Most started or finished in class today.

29 Aug 16: We will review Quiz 2.  Grades will be posted after I've been given access to the web site on my computer. Then as I have time I will load them in. 

We will review the quiz and work on Lesson 9.  Homework is S46 problems 1 a-e and 2 a and b (2016 version most students have this version).  All the problems on the page. Go to the Useful links section to see a sample of student handouts if confused about what page we are on (2015 version the page is S42).  Module 2 Lesson 9 for today. 

 25 Aug 16:  Quiz 2 practice sheet is under the Useful Link tab to the left 
Homework for tonight is Module 2 Lesson 8: S38 or S41: 4 problems.

The following subjects will be covered this year: 

We start with Ratios and Proportional Relationships
  The first topic we will explore is dividing Fractions by Fractions.
   How many times can you divide 4/5 by 2/5.  The answer is 2. 

Parent help for Module 2:

Khan academy:

Later we will explore Number Systems, Geometry, Expressions and Equations and finally Statistics and Probability.  Next year in 7th Grade math we will continue with these same family areas but we will go into a deeper level of understanding.