Science - Michael Sylvester

Hello My Name Is...

Michael Sylvester

I am a third year science teacher here at Lincoln. I graduated from the University of New Mexico. While I attending UNM I was a member of the marching band.
I am a volunteer coach of an intramural softball league hear at Lincoln as well as in Special Olympics.
I am a huge nerd and love everything from comics and Harry Potter to scientific discoveries and Pokemon, I also run a Pokemon/Magic the gathering club in the mornings.
I look forward to meeting you children and helping them unlock there potential.

This year in Earth science we will explore the way the world works from the way rocks form to how clouds form. We will also explore the earths place in the universe and how our small section of the cosmos compares to what else is out there. 

Feel free to check out the useful links on this page for more helpful information.

The best ways to reach me:
Phone:505-892-1100 ext.403