Google Classroom info for parents

Google Classroom Info for Parents
Posted on 09/04/2018
RRPS is a Google Suite for Education(GSuite) district. As part of this program teachers will be using Google Classroom as an interactive digital platform for students.

Parents may receive an email update from Google Classroom regarding their student's assignments as well as announcements from teachers. Parents do not join Google Classroom or participate in Google Classroom activities but may want to watch as their student logs in at home and demonstrates how Google Classroom works.

Google Classroom tips:
1. Use Google Chrome to access Google Classroom. 
2. In the upper right corner of the Google Chrome window click on the gray head and shoulders icon and choose Sign In To Chrome.
3. Students use their ID number followed by as their email address and the password must be set up by the student at school before it will work at home.
4. After signing in to Chrome, click on the apps ("waffle") and choose Google Classroom. Classes are automatically set the first week of a semester but not all teachers use Google Classroom.