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Ruler And Calculator.png  892-1100 class 604

Lunch Bunch Tutoring every Wednesday during lunch in Rm. 111. Please bring your lunch to eat during this time!! 

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- Please click on Useful Links in the top left corner box, to view Eureka math resources, online resources, supply list, and class syllabus. 

- For due dates on homework, projects, or assignments please click on Calendar in the top left corner box, to view week by week planning.

How do we use Khanacademy?
Please click on Useful Links 
 - Click on Khanacademy
                 - Scroll down to Math by Grade
                         - Click on Eureka Math/EngageNY  
                                                                     - Scroll down and click on On- grade support for Eureka Math/ EngageNY
    - Click on 6th-grade math
                                   - Find Module student needs to work on