Mathematics - Todd Ganger

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 School Year! 

Welcome to Mr. Ganger's 6th Grade Math and Advanced Math Classes.  
Things you can do over the summer to get prepared for class.  
1) Know your multiplication facts.  Write out a 20 by 20 and practice doing them by memory. 
2) Become famular with Khan Academy. Line below:

Students who get behind or are behind can use Khan to reinforce concepts we cover in class. 

3) Know how to do basic 3 and 4 number multiplication and Basic long division 4231 x 5678 = 
475 / 5 = 95

4) What we will cover in Class: Basic Math Sections: Semester One we will be covering Module 2: Fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplication and division), Ratios and Unit Rates Module 1: Given a ratio determine the proportionate ratio.  3:5 and 24: _?__ The missing number is 40.  3x8 = 24, 5x8 is 40.  Module 3: Rational numbers: Understanding Positive and Negative numbers. Understanding which is larger -4 or -3.  -3 is larger as it is closer to zero.  Distances.  The distance between -4 and 4 is 8.  Understand the Cartesian Plane and how to find coordinates and the distance between coordinates.  This is Semester 1 for 6th Grade general math.   Advanced math classes will cover this material plus Half of Module 4: which is Expressions and Equations.   We will look at 3x < 4 and what values x can be to make the statement true.  While 3x = 4 the value of x is 4/3.   

6th Grade Math covers 6 modules in one year.  3 in the Fall and 3 in the Spring.
Advanced Math students will cover these 6 Modules and Modules 1 and 2 of the 7th Grade curriculum! We go faster so you have to keep up!  We will be testing NWEA in Late August or early September,  Again in Dec and finally in Spring around March.  The goal for each student will be do grow 7 - 8 points.  If you start with a 205 you should end  with a 213. If you start with a 220 you should end with a 228 and if you start with a 230 your should finish with a 238.    We test PARCC in the spring about 2 weeks after NWEA.  

Each class will also completed an EOC test with covers all they material they covered in the semester.  These tests are now Multiple choice and students will have 90 min to complete. 

Those students who participate in class, work the homework problems and ask questions and do test corrections will pass my class.  Those who don't put forth effort will not.  

Grades will be assessed based on proficiency in each core competency. More to follow on just how we will do this as we get into fall semester.  

Have a Great summer!  See you in August. Mr. Ganger