Reading Intervention - Dominic Savinelli

Hello My Name Is...




Hello! Welcome to Reading Intervention. This course is a highly unique and individualized class designed to maximize your Reading and English Language Arts potential by breaking down each and every aspect of the learning process, and working one-on-one, as well as in groups (both large and small) to complete a variety of projects and evaluations to help you achieve your goals! The course uses iReady, a fantastic new program that is designed to not only help you at your own individual and unique needs, but to help you make goals and track your progress in both individual and whole class work. I have always believed that communication is the most important skill in the world, as it is, in its most essential form, what allows us to grow and develop as both humans and members of an ever-growing global community. It's going to be a great year, and one I hope you can look back on and be glad of all the useful skills you learned in room 231b!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ About me:

I am currently in my first official year of teaching! I am a born and raised Rio Rancho resident, and have a real passion for reading and all things literature. I also enjoy analog instant photography, and will be the photographer for this years yearbook!


Ourgoal in this class is to help you reach your best potential in Reading and Language Arts, and to take pride in the process and progress of increasing your Reading Ability.


The only requirements for this class are a positive attitude, determination, and the understanding of one simple phrase: There are no shortcuts. Through hard work and challenging yourself to achieve more, you will not only be able to take pride in everything you do, but being to develop useful and critical skills that can take you far in both high school and continuing education.


Basic school materials are always needed in any classroom. These include:

  • Pencil (Mechanical or #2 is fine)

  • Pens (a red and black preferable, for editing)

  • A 2” Three-Ring Binder with dividers. This is going to help you keep everything organized (Organization will set you free!)

  • Paper (lined)


Throughout the course of the entire class, we will be using a variety of technology, the most significant (for the student) being new Chromebook Laptops. Each student will be assigned a specific laptop, as well as Log-ins for both their Chrome Account, and iReady Account. It is important that we treat these pieces of technology with respect and use them to their fullest potential in our learning environment. Each student will be given a technology contract (in addition to the one present in their agenda) to fill out so that we can all agree to use the great advances in the classroom in an appropriate, respectful, and productive manner.