Four consumer science students from Lincoln Middle School sit at a table with their homemade scones and tea

It was tea and scones for approximately 150 students at Lincoln Middle School recently. Rachel Garretson's Consumer Science students had the opportunity to practice measuring dry and liquid ingredients, measuring and cutting-in butter, using proper equipment to bake and following recipe instructions. The scones provided a challenging learning experience for students, but were also quite tasty. Students also learned about the history of scones and tea during the lesson. Needless to say, Ms. Garretson taught these students a yummy life lesson that will serve them well as they begin to expand their cooking and baking skills. Just one more way our educators are igniting student potential.

Great job LMS students and we absolutely love the table decorations you created as well. Plus, Mr. Gerrard (also a teacher at LMS) gave high praise to your delicious treats...and he's an Englishman, so that's a big compliment!